About Us

Full of Fluff is a retail store located and operated in San Francisco, California. It is owned and built from the dust by the Emilia Faux and her friend Margaux Bellatrix in 2001. The two has been best friend since their high school, and since then planned to put up together. Of course, the primary condition is a business that is of their interest, namely, knitting and making craftswork. Thus, the emergence of Full of Fluff.

To say that both adored their family, especially their toddlers (Emilia has a 1 year old daughter, and Margaux has a twin that is turning one), is an understatement. They both love kids, but not ashamed to admit being obsessed in playing dress-up and taking pictures with their own. As such they thought that they are being practical when they put up this business that would cater to their banies as well.

Full of Fluff has experienced 18 years of successful growth providing crafts, sewing, and knitting/crocheting products to our broad customer base. The Full of Fluff operation is fully managed by both. They take special pride in introducing young people to the world of work, as well as providing work opportunities to others that want to work in a fun place close to home.

Other key assets of this business are its exceptional customer service and continual crafting events. Together they bring people of all ages from all walks of life to enjoy and fully participate in craft classes, demonstrations and special events.

Full of Fluff has become a social and cultural icon for people who enjoy the same crafts. It is is now “the place to go” where new art education ideas could be obtained, where families can have great positive fun doing art projects together, where people of all ages can fully explore their creative potentials in a friendly, supportive environment. Plus, while getting their kids to benefit from the outcome of their artwork.