Full of Fluff is an online channel that gives you the most beautiful patterns and designs for your arts and crafts. We deliver to you the cutest and most amazing design that are not only food for the eyes, but could also be worn by your adorable toddlers.

Our products include different designs for pull overs, hats with little ears, mittens, socks and more! We even have various designs for stuffed doll making that would be a good present to your little ones. Nature-designed rattles are also in the house to fascinate your kids on the cutest bling. These come in different patterns, and designs to choose from.

We also carry in our store a gazillion color of yarns for knitting and crocheting. Create differently colored pull overs for your sons or daughters for any occasion. This is also a nice gift ideas for your loved ones and friends who have their children like you. Surprise them with a gift that is overflowing with efforts, literally and figuratively. Christening, birthday, Christmas, or even just whenever you remember them and want to make them special, this is the perfect gift.

We sell both the finish products and the materials used for creating it. So whether you want to give it a try, or you want to buy one because of its beauty and aesthetics for your kids, this is possible. We know that not everyone has the time to accommodate the period it would take to complete one crocheting or knitting project. If this is just something you do on your free time, then well and good. However, if you are under time pressure and would need it for a specific event, then to buy the finish product is a much better choice for you.

Don’t worry, here in Full of Fluff, we are more than capable in producing products that are flawless and high quality. You won’t need to worry that our work is not at par to the standards. We exceed the expectation and we leave people with satisfaction. When you leave our store, rest assure that all products that you will buy from us passed the quality test. We have a reputation to protect that’s why, we won’t disappoint or settle for less than what you deserve.

Full of Fluff also hosts knitting and crocheting tutorials every once in a month. This is held at our spacious garage in the store. You won’t miss the place because our glass garage door is simply as amazing as our crafts. This is an event usually looked forward to by people of all ages who are curious and has the interest on this art. Even kids can join. We have a lot of interesting stuff that awaits everyone.